Has your company, club, organization or family labored with a spreadsheet to track incomes and expenses?

Budgette can simplify your life. And at a one-time charge of $75.00, you can avoid the expense of more elaborate programs.

Worried about the quality of our program? Try it at no charge.


This gives you the actual program but restricts you to 20 entries. For full functionality, purchase an activation code.

How can one program be adapted to these different uses? We allow you to define your income and expense categories. And to make this easy, we provide a suggested set based on the intended use you select for each application as shown on the title screen below. Yes, the program can be used for multiple applications at no extra charge.

Budgette opens with the ledger screen, which is used for editing your books.

You identify bank and credit card accounts (but not account numbers) and transactions as well as income and expense categories. We help by providing this default set of categories depending on your application. You can modify it to fit your needs.

Projects can also be identified when you want to track costs against budgets or prices. Projects may also take the form of jobs, events, etc.

Adding new items or revising existing ones is done using the pane on the right above. An item being revised is highlighted in yellow. Incomes are given a pale green background to differentiate them from expenses.

Bank (and credit card) statements can be displayed on the screen or reported as shown below for cross-checking each month.

This ledger report forms the books for the company, club, organization or family.

Income and expense reports (shown here) can be printed or displayed on the screen.

And profit/loss reports for each project are available.

We encourage you to download the program and play with it to appreciate its value.